Dove Cott House held a summer sports day event for the children living at the supported housing accommodation. With an average age of just two years old, we decided the children deserved the opportunity to have their very own sports day, with the engagement of their parents.

On a very warm and sunny Monday morning the residents of Dove Cott House and their children had lots of fun in the great outdoors participating in various activities to get the children using their fine motor skills, enjoying the equipment around them and most importantly of all, having fun.

The children participated in running races, the four-wheeled walker and balloon event, hook a duck and many different activities.

It was fantastic to see the young people engaging in the activities with their parents and the Young People Coaches at Dove Cott House who organised the event.

At the end of the day, all the children who participated were presented with a special certificate and a winner’s medal for their fantastic efforts.