We have a resident living here at The Cannons who has learning disabilities. She was not born with cognitive difficulties; these were caused by neglect and abuse from birth. She never went to school and was kept away from others her own age. She has suffered many types of abuse from all members of her direct family.

Later in life, she insisted that she wanted to be in control of her life and voiced this to a woman who we know as her godmother. Her godmother helped her to start living her own life and the resident was offered a flat in sheltered accommodation. Whilst living there, she needed a lot of support, which was not available where she was living. For this reason, she would often feel depressed and angry, as there were things that she found difficult or couldn’t do, but which she wanted to do. Her behaviour started to have an impact on her safety and neighbours complained. Social Services were contacted and she moved to The Cannons. She settled in very well but always expressed how she wanted to do things that the average person takes for granted, but which she found difficult, because of her learning difficulties.

The Cannons worked with her, supporting her to cook with observation, to go shopping with assistance and they even taught her to read and write.

Last year, she started to lose interest in the things she previously liked and began to fall over in her home. When this was investigated, it was found she had cataracts but because of her disability the eye clinic were reluctant to operate. The team supported her to speak to her GP and the eye clinic who agreed she could have the operation which was completed in October.

Since the operation ,she has reverted to her normal self and has not fallen again. She says that she can see better than ever and wants to pursue her interests including going to college.

We spoke to her Godmother about her reading and writing and contacted the Adult Learning Centre on her behalf and are delighted to confirm that: 

On the 24 January she turned 85 years of age and she starts her College course in April 2018.  ????